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The best at-home massage in The Hague

What makes a great massage experience?

First of all, we have to unpack the term “massage experience” because it contains two important elements that require separate attention: one is concerned with the massage itself, the other with the setting: the ambience, the smells, the music etc. A great massage won’t necessarily account for an incredible massage experience. If your therapist is late, they are untidy, the workspace is not to your hygienic standards, or the music is too loud, their perfect attunement with your body probably won’t salvage the experience. The same is true if the situation is reversed: a lousy massage will make a great setup obsolete. The two have to go hand in hand and complement one another. Not only that, there is a third, extremely crucial condition that needs to be fulfilled: the therapist must meet, and then outperform their client’s expectations. Each one of us has their own definition of greatness: a list of small personalised adjustments that help us feel seen and appreciated. And only when the therapist has enough smarts and intuition to recognise these traits, will we think: ‘They get me!’, or ‘They recognise what my body needs.’ And because experiences like these are rare, they become absolutely invaluable, and deserve the title of great massage experiences.

What makes enjoying a massage at home different from going to a spa or a massage parlour?

I would say, choosing between an at-home treatment and a trip to a massage parlour is not a case of selecting an option that is better than the other, but rather making the right choice in the context of what our needs are. We choose a spa massage treatment perhaps because we want to escape the familiar setting and become cocooned in an environment that is sheltered from reality. Receiving a treatment in your house on the other hand is all about embracing the familiar, because, quite likely, familiar setting is what makes us most relaxed. Not only that, the convenience of not having to leave the house, and the ability to have a hot bath with a glass of your favourite wine directly afterwards, can be enough of an incentive for some to opt for the at-home option. Getting the massage delivered to your door also leaves you in control of the setup: the light, the temperature, the music; And through that it maximises the potential of enjoying the entire experience.

And what makes Body Quake the best at-home massage experience in The Hague?

Quite frankly, it comes down to mathematics. Body Quake is the best at-home massage service in town because (at least to my knowledge) it is the only venture officially offering this type of service. But of course saying: ‘I am the best because there is nobody else out there’ has very little meaning, and most certainly doesn’t generate an awful lot of trust with clients. I would like to think there is some merit behind my bold statement though.

I have 7 years experience working mostly in London, having had massaged hundreds of people, the likes who just want to relax at the end of a hard day, through athletes recovering from an injury, to pregnant women who need a bit of soothing. If there is a storyline out there that involves the need for a massage, I have gone through it myself.

Out of 1,183 bookings that I received through a popular wellness platform Urban, I have 185 reviews, ending up with a score of 4.97/5 stars.

Give it a try. The first massage is always 20% off, just to sweeten the deal!

(use coupon code RELAXEDATHOME)

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