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Treat your employees to a massage or yoga in their own home

Most of us have embraced working from home in the past year. With the help of Body Quake you can now turn the 'home office' into an 'at-home well-being studio'. Your employees will be thrilled to get a massage treatment or a yoga class sponsored by the company, and they will get to enjoy it from the comfort of their own home.

The more people you look after, the bigger the discount

Hi, my name is Adam, and I am the owner of Body Quake. 


I offer personalised treatments which I deliver to my clients' homes. I work with local businesses in the region to help them look after their workforce. Together we facilitate relaxation which in return stimulates productivity.

Book a massage treatment/yoga class for your employees who live in the south wing of Randstad and receive great discounts.


0-5 employees: 20% discount

6-10 employees: 25% discount

>10 employees: 30% discount

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