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Massage & yoga

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At-home massage in The Hague, and specialised yoga sessions at various locations & online

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Move freely & breathe with joy



The language of the body is our mother tongue. The somatic alphabet of how we express our emotional states through breath, posture and movement is at the essence of our operating system.

But that language gets often forgotten as we become overwhelmed by the stresses of the modern life. The problem is, our body doesn't know the difference between an angry email from the manager, and a tiger chasing us across the Savannah. Both occurrences result in a built up of tension in the body, and because we can no longer resolve that tension by running away from the danger, it remains in the body.

I have started Body Quake because I wanted to better look after myself and those around me while I was recovering from a breakdown. In my work as a holistic practitioner I train my clients in somatic literacy, helping them tune into their bodily sensations and understand the messages behind them. We work together on becoming more aware of when you are stressed out, and find sensible solutions on how to counteract that state. We look for ways in which you can move better and breathe with joy.

Because movement matters. And to nourish your body with the movement that is right for you, you have to first recognise what your body needs. Book a massage or join me on the yoga mat to begin exploring the narrative behind your tension points.

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Join one of my yoga classes for free

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Adam Nathan Schultz, the owner of Body Quake


Fancy a massage or yoga in your own house?

Select the type of massage and/or yoga you love. Book online, key in your address and select the time that works for you. 

Get your room ready! How about light up some candles and put your favourite music on to set the right ambience?

Relax, and enjoy being looked after from the comfort of your own home. We need about 10 minutes prior to the appointment to set up the equipment and get settled in. In order to make this a safe experience we will keep 1,5m apart whenever necessary.

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Or how about join one of the fabulous group classes and events?


Yoga for Runners

Great for:

- improving your running

- becoming more flexible


Namaslay Yoga

Great for:

- those who love yoga and music

- movement and self-expression


Breathing Space Yoga

Great for:

- gay men in search of a safe space

- addressing addictive behaviour


Sweat It Like

Jane Fonda

Great for:

- cardio workout to 80's music

- making fabulous new friends

Meet Adam



- VTCT Diploma in Swedish Massage

- ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

- CThA Diploma in Stretch Massage Therapy

- FHT Diploma in Manual Lymphatic Drainage

- FHT Certificate in Trigger Point Therapy

- Diploma in Indian Head Massage

- Diploma in Prenatal Massage

- 200 Hours Yoga TTC RYC Diploma

- Certified Peer Mentor

- Bachelor Degree in Arts

I established Body Quake in 2015 when a breakdown forced me into switching careers so that I could take better care of myself. It began as a massage practice in a vibrant area of Brixton in South London. It's the birth place of one of my greatest heros, David Bowie, and it is his lightning bolt that you can see featured as Body Quake's logo.

Setting this company helped me through my personal battles with addiction and allowed me to develop a business model that holds compassion and empathy as its guiding principles. Through Body Quake I teach my clients how to understand the language of their bodies. I believe that only by developing our somatic literacy we have the capacity to unlock our true potential. I learnt through my recovery that we all need to be kinder to ourselves, and I try to pass this teaching on to everyone I work with.

Today, Body Quake offers a variety of massage and yoga services, and holds a portfolio of over 1,000 satisfied clients, both in the UK and in The Netherlands. I now live in The Hague, but work between my home city, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well as other Europan cities like London and Berlin. 


My love for nature and running turned me into a lover of ultra trails. My biggest running attempt was the 128km Transgrancanaria race in Gran Canaria in 2020, but the proudest moment of my running career was winning the Himalayan Marathon in 2019 that chellnged all participants with its high altitude of 4,000m.

I am a member of the advisory board and the organising commitee for the European Chemsex Forum. Every Thursday I organise online yoga session for men who struggle with chemsex, and I do these in affiliation wtih Stichting ReShape/International HIV Partnerships. The classes are also part of the offering of the queer well-being space Berlin Village.


I have trained as a peer mentor at Positive East and I have been volunteering in this capacity for two years at Antidote, which is a harm reduction service within the oldest LGBT charity in the UK, London Friend. I cooperate with Wandsworth Oasis, a London Charity that supports people living with HIV. In 2018 we fundraised almost £3,000 through community events and marathon challenges. The most recent project was the 'Keep Moving' challenge in November 2020 which asked all donors to do a small run in commemoration of World AIDS Day. Despite the lockdown we gathered over £1,000 of personal donations from across different parts of Europe.

Community means everything to me, and I wish to continue building my local circles in The Netherlands, while I carry on with the projects across the continent. I am so grateful to have an opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through the work that I do, and I hope I get to meet you too at some point!

Keep your body moving, especially in those challenging times.

See you all soon.




Postal address:

Cantaloupenburg 37

2514 KK Den Haag



KvK nummer - 78485185

Btw: NL003337689B26

IBAN: NL63ASNB0267323492


+31 651774405

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