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Yoga for soberish men

Breathing space yoga is a series of yoga sessions designed for and dedicated to GTBQ men who: 

- struggle with their chemsex

- want to get their chems use under control or stop using altogether

- stopped using, and wish to get back to having sober sex

- are somewhere in between the stages listed above, want to get to know themselves and their bodies a bit better.

I ran theses session for 9 weeks as a form of trial, trying out different concepts and strategies. Each week was focusing on a different theme. In the weeks that followed we covered: impatience, vulnerability, boredom, loneliness, sex & desire, amongst others.

The outcome of this trial is a class under a slightly different name: YOGA FOR SOBER-ISH MEN. The name encapsulates a little more precisely what we work towards to and who are the people that are attending. Sobriety isn't always accessible to us, but soberishness is something we can definitely all strive for. It's fun, it's accessible to all levels, and apart from yoga, the classes now offer a space for sharing and giving each other support afterwards.

If you feel isolated in your struggles - come join us. It's a safe space designed to any GTBQ who wants to access it.

Each class lasts 60min, followed by an option to stay after and share with the group. In each session we will explore the themes that are familiar to all of us: desire, intimacy, stress, loneliness, boredom, and others mentioned above. We use the movement of our bodies framed by the yogic asanas to help us reconnect with our physical and emotional selves. 


As mentioned above, the purpose of the class is not to promote sobriety, but soberishness - a close to life approach that empowers individuals to make the right choices for the right situations. The class also focuses on building a sense of community and kindness towards ourselves and other men in attendance, so if you don’t think you are flexible enough for a yoga class - don’t worry about it. This session is about coming together, and not about striking the right pose!

€6 per session, or €24 for a package of 5 classes. First class is free (quote NAMASLAY at checkout).


Every Thursday 7pm CEST/ 6pm BST



Below you can find a few videos of how the classes are performed. Hope to see you online!

yoga for impatience

When we feel impatient our bodies want to move. There is an energy that builds up within us that needs releasing. Don't sit still, the more you suppress these emotions the bigger they become. If you can, roll out a yoga mat, and do some sun salutations.


Video # 1 will show you how.

When we are stressed out, our bodies release adrenaline and cortisol. It takes about 20 minutes for your body to metabolise those hormones, and this is why a 20 minute time out is recommended.

Once we calm ourselves down, let's work on our patient breathing. Slow down your moves, and find poses that are peaceful, safe and relaxing.

Video #2 will give you some suggestions.

yoga for vulnerability

To feel vulnerable means to lean towards the discomfort.

Explore what poses make you feel just that, and when you reach your physical limit, allow yourself a little break. Having the courage to acknowledge that my body has its limit can be challenging.


Which is precisely the point of this yoga exploration - the real discomfort sometimes lies in being kind to yourself, and it's something you should practice every day!

yoga for boredom

In this class we looked at boredom as the absence of attention. And when there is nothing to anchor ourselves with in the present moment, we put ourselves at a risk of wanting to escape.

This yoga segment helps me address the bodily sensations I associate with boredom and anxiety: heaviness in the chest, tightness in the shoulders and the throat. I approach these with curiosity and explore what the body is trying to tell me.


Breath and movement, however very elemental, are always such great way of engaging with your body, and creating sensations that help us all to stay present. 

yoga for presence

To be truly present, for both the good and the bad, is an art-form in itself. 

In this yoga practice I explore different movements and sensations through a reenactment of discomfort in the body. To do this I use energetic locks - aka bandhas, to help me achieve the emotional effect intended for this flow. 

Later on I offer a sense of opening, through unlocking the bandhas, and allowing a generous flow of breath to enrich the true joy of approaching the world with courage and curiosity.

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